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Best of the Worst Brake Jobs

Being involved with the online community you see and hear a lot. Some funny, some incredulous, and some is stupid crazy. This is one of those times.

Working on a brake project I hear about an upcoming brake swap. Seems a local individual with an Infiniti G35 6mt coupe was having a problem with his brakes and was told he needed a new caliper and some additional brake work. Being equipped with Brembo's the cost of a new caliper, turning the rotors, and installation seemed quite high to him. Luckily a full Brembo brake set, including slotted rotors, had become available for sale locally and the owner was able to get everything he needed for the cost of a single caliper. Fast Forward a week.

Car owner was to bring the car over for the caliper swap. Car was instead dropped off via a flat bed truck. The reasoning became apparent once the wheels were pulled off. As the pictures below show the condition of the front brakes it's a wonder someone was not killed. Not shown is the rear brakes in which the parking brake was ground down to nothing, similar to the front rotors. Some people don't deserve to drive.

As you can see via the pictures there really is nothing left of the front rotors. Both Brembo calipers are pretty much gone as well. Only one caliper had the cross spring as the other had lost it and one of the pins. The final two pictures show the calipers with what is left of the brake pads.


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