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- Next Generation G37 to include a 530hp twin turbo option? -

(April 15, 2011)  For years there have been rumors as to the next generation Infiniti G, as documented in our own Next Generation article. Will there be a hybrid, will the motor be provided by Mercedes Benz, etc. Obviously, even guessing at timeframes when such a new generation will be released can be a challenge at times. Rumors and speculation will exist until the new model is actually announced but we may now have a hint at what is coming our direction based upon an interview performed by MotorTrend entitled Infiniti Super G with 530-hp Twin-Turbo V-6 in Pipeline in which MotorTrend documents an interview with an "inside contact" who is "in the know". Let's look further into this review and break it down a bit, shall we?

Disseminating the Specifics
    -    End of summer 2014 release (2015 model)
    -    Similar in size to current G37
    -    Based on MB C-class chassis
    -    Will stay a VQ-based V6
    -    Doubtful 2.1L diesel model will be offered in US
    -    More powerful VQ35HR hybrid offering
    -    Expect models and motors to be built in US
    -    Twin-Turbo 3.7L V6 offering up to 530hp for IPL
    -    Pricing of IPL G to be similar to GT-R

If the above is correct then we are looking at a completely new vehicle including the base chassis. The article also mentions a front end with styling cue's from the Etherea concept. Based on the supplied rendering
the vehicle pictured is more like the Infiniti LE Concept which was recently shown at the New York Auto Show as a zero emission luxury sedan. Resources I have contacted have stated the front end will utilized the "owl eyes" style headlights as shown.

Motor Options
From a motor perspective it seems Infiniti is indeed keeping the existing VQ 3.7L offering but will also have an optional hybrid variant similar to the current Infiniti M35h hybrid which comes with 360hp. This is the direction we had expected Infiniti to go. Assuming Infiniti does not let the hybrid model out perform the base and sport editions I would assume those models would be offered with at least 380-400hp, something that can be achieved via the current VQ37 platform after additional upgrades and ECU tunes. Obviously a direct injected VQ should easily be able to meet those numbers.

The exciting news to Infiniti enthusiasts is the Twin-Turbo variant that is being referenced. For a number of years there have been rumors of a "Skyline GT-R" coming to Infiniti and it seems the IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) badge could be the recipient. The initial expectation is that such a vehicle would come with the GT-R's VR38 3.8L twin turbo motor and not a new 3.7L turbo configuration. Further looking at the "tea leaves" does bring us the Infiniti Essence Concept which was built with a direct injection 3.7L twin-turbo (434hp from this configuration) even though I hear the turbo's were never installed on the concept itself. So, the possibility of a VQ37DETT going production is quite possible. Thus, there are a number of options to consider.

How similar will the base and IPL motors be? Will the base v6 be the same motor as the IPL version but with less of a tune and no turbo's or will they have completely different internals which makes swapping parts impossible? I would believe the later and the possibility that the base V6 could be a standard DOHC V6, albeit tuned for more power than the current, whereas the IPL version gets the fancy direct injection heads, internal workings, and turbo's.

What about other aspects of these vehicles, such as driveline? The existing 7sp automatic and basic ATTESA AWD offerings should be able to hold 400hp with minimal issues, but would need some tweaking to ensure durability. Dropping the 6sp manual is always a possibility although some would be quite displeased by that direction. For the upgraded Twin Turbo version Infiniti will either need to utilize the GT-R's upgraded ATTESA AWD setup or develop something similar. Advanced dynamic control, similar to the GT-R, would also be expected on this more powerful model.

MotorTrend's conceptual drawing follows the direction that Nissan and Infiniti have been taking their concept vehicles such as the Essence, Etherea, Emerge-E, and LE Concept all have similar sharp and edgy styling's. Similar edginess was recently released via Nissan in the form of the 2013 Altima. Is the Essence itself the design that may turn into the G coupe? Plenty of us would love that to be the case.
2014 infiniti G37

Pricing and Availability
Base V6 model G's will probably not have a major price increase. In fact, there may be somewhat of an eventual decrease once production of the engines and vehicles themselves are transferred to the US. What raises one's eyebrows is the articles stated cost of 10 million yen for the IPL version, which is somewhat north of $120,000 US (dependent on the exchange rates) and $20,000 more than a 2012 GT-R Premium edition. I certainly hope that is not the case but if this vehicle is going to be positioned as having more power than the GT-R then that is certainly a possibility.

From an availability perspective, Infiniti will be extending the model life of the 2nd-generation G (if you discard the G20) by at least 3 years, assuming a late-summer 2014 release; possible good news for current G37 owners as their generation will stay fresh for another couple years. This was actually somewhat expected as Infiniti released the IPL G37 Convertible as a 2013 model and it really makes little sense to have a 1-year run, thus, the writing on the wall shouted "EXTEND!"

Of course, most of the above only makes sense if the MotorTrend "insider" is correct.

Matthew Moody - Editor


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