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infiniti G37 sway bar replacement Installation

G37 Front Sway Bar Installation

Instructions cover all Infiniti G37 models

The following are instructions to replace the front sway bar on a Infiniti G37 coupe, sedan, or convertible. Steps can also be used for 2007+ G35 sedans as well. Prior to installation it's always easier to jack up the car. Be safe and use jack stands if at all possible. This task can be completed without removing the wheels.
Parts Supplied By:

infiniti g37 hotchkis sway bar parts sales service

Tools needed: ratchet, 10mm socket, 14mm deep-well socket, 17mm socket (or wrench)

Infiniti G37 lower front engine tray cover Step 1: Loosen Engine Lower cover
The front sway bar mount points are covered by the lower engine cover. The cover does not need to be completely removed for the installation as seen in the image to the left. You can then bend down the back of the cover to get access to the sway bar bolts. Use the 10mm socket on these bolts.

infiniti g37 sway bar end links connecting rod
Step 2: Remove Sway Bar End Link Nuts
Use the 17mm socket or wrench and remove the sway bars connection to the Stabilizer connecting rod (end links).

infiniti g37 Battery Trim Removal Step 3: Remove Sway Bar Clamps
The sway bar is held in place by a pair of clamps. Each clamp has 2ea 14mm nuts. Remove the nuts and the sway bar will drop down.

infiniti g37 trim panel clips Step 4: Install Bushings
The new sway bar should include a new pair of bushings, lube, and clamps. Prior to installation use a generous amount of lube to coat the inside of the bushing. The bushing itself is not solid so it can be spread open to fit over the bar.

Step 5: Installation
Install in reverse order. You can use the end link bolts to help support the bar when reinstalling the sway bar clamps. Reinstall the bolts for the lower engine cover when completed.

infiniti g37 battery removal Comparison to factory
The installation detailed via this article utilizes Hotchkis components and is part of their #22441 kit. Compared to factory:

Specs: Front Sway Bar 35mm (Ø1-3/8") Hollow (non-AWD)
+230% Stiffer than Stock G37
+205% Stiffer than stock G37S
+230% Stiffer than stock G37S

Disclaimer: The author will not be held responsible nor held liable for any damages due to these instructions. Anyone following these directions are doing so at their own risk. This Documentation may not be distributed without the authors consent.


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