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G ownership and upgrades; through the mind of a G enthusiast

I decided to write a short article comparing the G35 coupe, a 2005 variant in this case, against my current 2009 G37 sedan for anyone who may be interested. I know we are not talking apples to apples here as I am comparing a 3rd-generation* coupe against a 4th-generation* sedan, but nonetheless I wanted to compare both vehicles for those who may be interested. I won’t go into engine specs or heavy technical details, but instead, just elaborate on my experience with the cars and the modifications I have performed to both during ownership…good or bad.

First, the 2005 G35 coupe
As some of you may know my previous car was a 2005 G35 coupe. I bought the car in 2006 with the Aero, Premium, and Sport packages slightly used with less than 10k miles. It was actually a compromise as I initially looked at a 2003 Z06 Corvette…but I didn’t want to go without a back seat. Coming from a late model Firebird V8, I was worried that a V6 wouldn’t have enough power. After a test drive, the VQ35 engine was a pleasant surprise not to mention the superior handling. The car styling and handling are definitely the best things about the Infiniti!

Even though the G is a great performer out of the
box, there is room for improvement. The first mod completed was a JWT air intake kit with the Z tube (part of the intake from a 350Z). The VQ35 seems to like short ram intakes and the throttle response was improved. The power gains were modest without any other intake changes. Next was the MotorDyne MREV2, lower plenum which definitely woke up my G! Noticeable gains in the mid-RPM range and a nice growl when you step on the gas! But to balance out the intake, an exhaust system was installed. I went with the Stillen CAT-Back exhaust, which did have a noticeable gain, working well with my intake mods. Finally, I put on the JDM clear corner markers for looks and installed a custom aftermarket MTX subwoofer system to help with the Bose stereo. It was show-quality…but I had to remove the spare tire for the amp rack. Lastly, I also installed wider tires on the OEM 19” rims, which helped with traction off the line.

With all the mods, my G sounded great! However, not everything was perfect with my car…I did have to replace the transmission because of a gear-synchro problem. Of course it was covered under the factory warranty. While the transmission was out, I decided to replace the clutch/flywheel with an aftermarket stage 3 clutch and lightweight flywheel. The plan was to install a supercharger soon after…but that was put on hold due to an addition in our family. So I was stuck with a heavy clutch and a noisy transmission. The 6MT transmission was designed to be used with a dual-mass flywheel, so when you put in a lightweight, single-mass flywheel, drive train vibrations from the engine are translated directly to the transmission causing gear lash. This noise sounds like a cement truck with the clutch engaged. It was very noticeable when stopped at a light with the car in neutral.

Next, the 2009 G37S Sedan
Despite the noise issue with the 6MT transmission, I liked the G35 so much that I replaced it with a 2009 G37 sedan! The extra doors really come in handy with our little one. I ended up getting a G37 sedan with the sport, premium, and NAV packages. My first impression was how much better it handled compared to my 05 coupe. It is also much faster, even with the mods I had on the previous car. The new VQ37, updated engine is fantastic! This was also the first year they had the 7-speed AUTO transmission available and that has been equally as good (so far).

Just like with the 2005 G35, I’ve already started modding. The first mod completed was the NAV bypass. For some reason, Infiniti decided to severely limit operation of the navigation and stereo controls while the car is in motion. Not sure if it’s a Japanese thing (BMWs and other cars do not have the same limits) or what. So the way around it is to either install a pre-made NAV bypass module or do the bypass manually with a switch. Either way you do it, it allows you to make changes while moving to the stereo and navigation so you don’t have to pull over every time you want to make a route change or search your hard drive for a song! The other mod I have is an intake kit from R2C. This kit is much better than the JWT one I had on the G35…much more expensive too, due to the dual intake design. The engine really woke up with the intake and I definitely feel a difference in throttle response/power.

Finally, as with the G35, I felt the G37 Bose stereo lacked bass. I was surprised because the setup has 2, 10” drivers in the doors and a 10” sub in the rear deck! But it was still not to my liking, so I added an aftermarket sub/amp combo. I scaled back the design this time, but the 12” Rockford setup works great!

Final Thoughts
This is the first time I’ve ever purchase the same model vehicle back to back. I looked at many different options which included BMW, Audi, Pontiac G8 GXP, and Cadillac. My wife hated the styling of the Caddy and the older CTS-Vs are manual only (also wanted an AUTO this time because of the 2005 transmission issues). The GXP was no longer being sold new and we could not find a used low-mileage one. The Audi S4 was just too expensive…plus they seem to have more than their fair share of problems

Finally, the BMWs…I looked at the M3 and the 335i. The M3 was too expensive new, and I could not find a used one that met my criteria. The 335i and the G37 were in the final running. I did some research on BWM’s N54 engine and it has an issue with the high pressure fuel pump and the lack of an oil cooler on the earlier models. Then you have to add about 10-12k more for the BMW with the same options as the G37. The interior was also very bland compared to the G37. The final nail in the BMW coffin was the VPP availability for Infiniti vehicles at the time of my purchase. I saved about 8k on my new G and have never looked back!

Article by: Joe Bordage (Joe603), Infiniti G-Series Moderator

*NOTE: The G designation first came out in 1991 as the G20 which received a refresh (2nd generation) in 1999. Some may not consider these vehicles when discussing the G35.

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