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infiniti G37 filter replacement Installation

In-Cabin MicroFilter Replacement: Infiniti G37

The following directions may be utilized to replace the in-cabin micro filter. The process is relatively easy and only requires removing 7 screws.

Special thanks to for quick turnaround in ordering the filters

Tools needed: Phillips screwdriver, flashlight (optional)

Infiniti microfilter replacement Step 1.Start by removing the dash end cap. To remove, simply pull at the front edges with your fingertips and pry it off. It has plasting hinged hooks at the back near the weather stripping so it is easy to remove. If you are having problems with the removal you can gently pry with a panel popper or even a flat head screwdriver.

infiniti g37 lower panel removal Step 2. The underside of the dash / glovebox area is covered via a panel. To remove the panel, start at one of the sides and pull down after sliding your fingertips under it. The panel has hinged hooks at the back near the firewall and is another easy panel to remove.

infiniti g37 microfilter Step 3. Remove the four top screws and set them aside.

infiniti g37 microfilter Step 4. At the bottom of the glove box are two additional screws, one on each end, where the glove box is hinged. Remove both and set them aside.

infiniti g37 glovebox removal Step 5. The final screw is hidden behind the glovebox. If you look into the dash over the glovebox you will see the final screw to be removed. At this point you should be able to pull the glovebox out. There is some wiring attached to the glovebox but you can simply set it on the floor board without disconnecting them.

infiniti g37 brake filter Step 6. Once the glover box is out of the way the white box in front of you is the location of the filter. The panel to remove is tabbed on one end (blue arrow) and clipped on the other (red arrow). To get access to the filter, un-clip the red section and remove the panel. The filter can now be removed and replaced.

infiniti g37 brake filter Step 7. Once the filter is replaced you can replace the panel. The filter should be in the "up" position prior to closing the panel (which has angled tabs to ensure the filter stays up). See picture to left.

Step 8. Reinstall the glove box and panels in reverse order.

Disclaimer: The author will not be held responsible nor held liable for any damages due to these instructions. Anyone following these directions are doing so at their own risk. This Documentation may not be distributed without the authors consent.


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