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infiniti G37 BC Racing coilover Installation

BC Racing's Infiniti G37 and G35 True Coilover Installation

Installation depits conversion of a G35 with BC BR-Type D-17 kit to a True Coilover setup

For a G35 this is not a big issue as the BC D-17 BR-Type coilover kit directly supports the upgrade to true coilovers in the rear, as detailed in these steps. The BC BR-Type V-02 kit, which is sold for G37 models, will NOT be able to be converted to true coilovers. You will need the rear shock kit from the D-17 kit in order to get it to work. What does this
Parts Supplied By:

infiniti g37 OEM parts sales service
mean? The V-02 kit has a different top mount setup with the damping adjustment knob on the side instead of on the top (you can't really adjust damping unless the car is jacked up and tire removed). The G35 BR kit rear shock has the damping adjustment knob on the top (just like the front BR coilover setup) and allows you to install adjustment extenders for easy tuning. Due to the design there is simply not enough space for the spring to be installed on the G37 V-02 shock. If you want a new true rear coilover on the G37 you should order/request the V-02 front kit and the D-17 rear true coilover (and order a pair of adjustment extenders to install). For upgrading a G37 you will need the G35 sedan shock from the D-17 kit

NOTE: For the G35 you will order this kit with 6k spring rates due to geometry changes with the new location. For the G37 you will need to order the kit with 8k spring rates while also needing the G35 D-17 shock and the adjustment extenders (requires drilling a hole for mounting).

Tools needed: Car jack, jack stands, impact gun (preferred), 14mm wrench, 17mm wrench, 12mm socket, 17mm socket, hammer, BC Spanner wrenches

infiniti g35 BC Racing Coilovers Step 1. Starting at the rear, jack up the car and properly support the weight of the rear on a pair of jack stands. Remove both rear wheels. Use the rear differential as the jack point. Yes, it is possible to do one side at a time but much easier adjusting the rear at the same time.

The image to the left shows the standard BC Racing BR-Type D-17 rear suspension setup. The standard configuration has an adjustable rear coil and an adjustable shock. The new configration moves the spring to the shock itself and makes height configuration 2x easier.

infiniti g35 BC Racing Coilovers Step 2. Remove the rear spring by detatching the lower control arm. The control arm is attached to the main suspension member by one 17mm bolt at the hub/axle assembly. Use the jack to support the lower control arm. Remove the bolt that attaches the control arm to the axle/hub lower mount (17mm ratchet/17mm wrench combo). At this point you can lower the jack to drop the control arm. Remove the rear spring assembly and put it to the side. Raise the control arm and reattach it to the hub/axle assemly.

NOTE: Being the rear spring is adjustable you could simply use the spanner wrenches to lower the top mount on the spring. This could be time consuming so it's easier to simply drop the control arm.

infiniti g35 BC Racing Coilovers Step 3: Remove the shock. Start by removing the 17mm bolt that holds the bottom of the strut as indicated via the red arrow. Remove the two 12mm bolts at the top of the shock as seen via the blue arrow.

infiniti g35 BC Racing Coilovers Step 4: The picture to the left shows the removed BR-Type D-17 rear shock that has the extenders installed. If the extenders are on, remove with an appropriately sized allen wrench. When removed the damping adjustment knob is showing. Remove the knob by using a 14mm wrench on the bolt shown via the red arrow. The bolt should not be very tight. The knob will pull straight out, set it aside.

infiniti g35 BC Racing Coilovers Step 5: Using a 17mm socket, remove the top bolt. Air tools are so much easier. When the bolt is removed the top section can be set aside.

infiniti g35 BC Racing Coilovers Step 6: Remove the bottom collar. We found a hammer worked best. Remove the rubber boot. Set both aside.

infiniti g35 BC Racing Coilovers Step 7. With the kit you will also receive the lower locking rings (two per side) and the spring isolators (2 per side) . Install the two lower locking rings (small on the bottom) and one spring isolator as shown via the image to the left. Screw the rings down the shaft to allow for the spring to be installed.

infiniti g35 BC Racing Coilovers Step 8. Reinstall the rubber boot and the bottom collar which was removed in step 6.

infiniti g35 BC Racing Coilovers Step 9. Slide the spring onto the shock, put the second spring isolator on top of the spring and reinstall the top section. Tighten the 17mm bolt enough such that there is room to properly reinstall the damping adjustment knob. Reinstall the adjustment knob with the 14mm wrench. Do not over tighten.

infiniti g35 BC Racing Coilovers Step 10. Time to set preload. Raise the locking rings and hand tighten them against the spring where the spring is no longer loose on the shock. You will now need to tighten the top ring by another 4mm for preload, which happens to be the width of the BC supplied spanner wrenches. As seen to the left, the two rings are together against the spring. Use the large spanner wrench to tighten the larger top ring (without disturbing the locking ring) until there is a 4mm gap between it and the smaller locking ring as seen via the inset picture. Move the locking ring up against the other and use both spanner wrenches to tighten it down.

Preload is now set. Reinstall the adjustment extenders.

infiniti g35 BC Racing Coilovers Step 11. Reinstall the coilover by attaching the upper 12mm bolts and the lower 17mm bolt. When completed you should have a setup as shown to the picture on the left.

If you are upgrading a G35 and did not change the height of the shock during the installation you will have the same ride height as you did with the older spring setup. If this is a G37 retrofit using new D-17 shocks then you will need to set your ride height the same as you did in the front.

Disclaimer: The author will not be held responsible nor held liable for any damages due to these instructions. Anyone following these directions are doing so at their own risk. This Documentation may not be distributed without the authors consent.


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