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infiniti G37 chin spoiler Installation

OEM Infiniti Chin Spoiler Installation

Installing a G37 chin spoiler

The following instructions walk through the installation of a OEM infiniti chin spoiler. These steps can be used for installation of OEM front spoilers for all Infiniti G37 coupe, sedans, and roadsters.
Parts Supplied By:

infiniti g37 OEM parts sales service

Tools needed: painters tape, phillips screwdriver, small flat head screwdriver, ratchet w/10mm socket, scissors, rubbing alcohol w/cleaning cloth, center punch, 1/8" bit, 25/64 bit, 5/16 bit and 1" hole saw

Preparation: Jack up the vehicle using the instructions under the "changing a Flat tire" section of the owners manual.

g37 remove 10mm Step 1. Remove tapping screws (10mm bolts) from under the vehicle. There are 5 on each side as seen pictured to the left. Set aside for reinstallation.

infiniti g37 inner fender Step 2. Fully turn the steering wheel right or left to clear an area to easily work around the front fender protector

Remove the clip that attachs fender protector to the vehicle. To remove the clip on each side, as pictured, and set aside.

infiniti g37 lip installation Step 3: Cut out paper templates (A, B and C) from paper template sheet which is included with instructions.

infiniti g37 spoiler Step 4: Template A Align template A (RH/LH) to lower front bumper driver side by butting the template against the bumper flange (red arrow) and apply painters tape to hold the template in place.

infiniti g37 sport bumper Step 5: Template B Align template B (RH/LH) to lower front bumper by butting template against the bumper flange just as you did template A. Align the the edge of template B to the alignment line of template A. Apply masking tape to connect the template A to template B. (Red arrow)

infiniti g37 lower bumper Step 6: Template C. Align template C (RH/LH) to lower bumper by butting the template against the bumper flange. Align the edge of template C to the alignment line of template B. Apply masking tape to connect template B to template C.

infiniti g37 bumper alignmentt Step 7: Use masking tape to make an aligment mark line (red arrow) for the top of the rubber seal of chin spoiler by alignming the bottom of a piece of masking tape to the top of template A.

infiniti g37 front bumper spoiler Step 8. Mark the hole positions (+)(red arrow) on all 3 templates with center punch.

Step 9. Slowly remove templates A,B & C together, **Do not damage templates or remove the masking tape lines connecting the templates together.

infiniti g37 sedan lip spoiler Step 10. Flip the templates upside down and reuse on passenger side lower bumper just as you did on the driver side. Repeat steps 8 & 9.

Step 11. Wrap masking taping around 3mm(1/8"), 8mm (5/16") and 10mm 25/64" drill bits, approximately 10mm from the tip. **Used in the process instead of 25/64" bit was 3/8" bit.

Step 12. Drill (1/8") ---> (3/8") holes at the marked locations on the front bumper. Refer to template on where to drill the holes. You punched these holes in steps 8 & 10.

Step 13. o) Drill (1/8") ---> (5/16") holes at the marke locations on the front bumper. Refer to template on where to drill the holes. YOu punched these holes in steps 8 & 10.

infiniti g37 OEM lip

infiniti g37 front strut tower nuts
Step 14. Drill (1/8") ---> (1") holes at the marked locations on the bumper. Refer to template on where to drill the holes. **Hole saw should be used for this task** *7/8" bit was used in this process*

After drilling the 7/8" - 1" hole, check fitment of spring clip (red arrow) for correct installation.

Step 15. Using a clean, lint free cloth and 100% alcholo, wipe any dirt and oil from the mounting surface of front bumper. Let area dry thoroughly.
infiniti g37 sedan installation lipl

infiniti g37 strut brake line install
Step 16. Fold the tape liner onto the front chin spoiler painted surface and apply masking tape to ensure that the tape liner is accessible. (4) sections)

2011 infiniti g37 oem lip installation

infiniti g37 strut brake line install
Step 17. Assemble squarehead bolt (red arrow) to chin spoiler.

infiniti g37 spoiler install Step 18. Align front chin spoiler square head bolt to the drilled holes on side of bumper and push the front chin spoiler against the front bumper to insert the square head bolt in the holes.

infiniti g37 spoiler install Step 19. loosely install the washer and nut supplied to square head bolt from inside fender protector. Access is by pulling the fender liner away from the fender.

infiniti g37 coupe spoiler

infiniti g37 strut brake line install

infiniti g37 strut brake line install
Step 20. loosely install the tapping screw (m5x15mm - 10mm bolts) supplied underneath the front chin spoiler.

infiniti g37 modifications Step 21. Install the longer (2) push pins on the ends of chin spoiler underneath.

Align and adjust front chin spoiler to front bumper to minimize any gap.

Align the top of the front chin spoiler rubber seal to the bottom of the masking tape that was put in place step 7.

Step 22. Starting at center of bumper and moving outward, remove the masking tape holding tape liner and remove tape liner *slowly* and apply at least 15 lbs of pressure to the front chin spoiler.

Tighten squre head bolt inside fender protector to 2-3Nm

Tighten m5 screws underneath chin spoiler to 1-1.5Nm

install the (2) remaining shorter push pins.

Reinstall tapping screws removed from step 1.

Reinstall push pin for fender protector that was removed in step 2.

End Result

infiniti g37 sedan chin spoiler

Disclaimer: The author will not be held responsible nor held liable for any damages due to these instructions. Anyone following these directions are doing so at their own risk. This Documentation may not be distributed without the authors consent.


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