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infiniti G37 product review

Infiniti G37 R2C intake installation instructions

Product and Instructions cover all Infiniti G37 models

The following instructions walk through the installation of a R2C intake system. The instructions walk through the removal and installation process in which the factory intakes are removed first, after which the R2C intake system is installed. Obviously you can do one side at a time if you choose. Additionally, it is always wise to disconnect the battery prior to these steps.
Parts Supplied By:

infiniti g37 hotchkis sway bar parts sales service

Tools Needed: Ratchet with 10mm/8mm/7mm sockets, 10mm and 8mm box wrenches, pliars, phillips and flat head screwdrivers, nut driver (optional)

Infiniti G37 R2C dual intake The R2C intake system came nicely packaged and protected. Everything was individually wrapped and neatly packed. Before starting any installation you should lay out all the parts to ensure they are in the box. In this case the intakes were missing the couplers and the installation was pushed until R2C could send another set.

Infiniti G37 Engine dual intake Step 1: Factory Intake The left image depicts the factory intake (in this case the passenger side) system. Removal of the factory intake system is as follows:
  • Red Arrows: Remove two screw-style clamps (Throttle Body and Air Box) and one compression-style clamp (Crankcase Vent Tube)
  • Blue Arrow: Disconnect Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) connection
  • Yellow Arrow: Remove 10mm bolt that holds down air box
  • Orange Arrow: Squeeze wire clip to remove

The screw-style clamps are attached to the factory parts and won't fall off. The compression-style clamp for the crankcase vent is not and will be reused, use the pliars to remove and set it aside. Once all steps are complete, disconnect the intake tube and remove. Pull the intake box up and remove the unit. On each side there is a junction for the crankcase pipe, these should be removed as well.

Infiniti G37 Engine Cover Step 2. When I started the install I tried working around the engine cover. Hey, why remove something when it's not necessary? For the time required to remove a couple of bolts, it's worth it. Even in my case where I needed to remove the aftermarket strut tower brace it was still worth it. Remove the 5ea 10mm bolts and set the engine cover to the side.

At this point you have both intakes removed or you have at least one side removed.

infiniti g37 intake system Intake Layout Before putting the intakes together you should understand this is not a universal kit in that there are left and right intake tubes and airbox shields. The image to the left depicts the differences. The right side (passenger side) airbox has a cut out for the radiator pipe. The intake tubes will have the MAF sensor mounting location on the top the the crankcase vent tube will be towards the motor (left side/drivers side depicted). Make sure you put the correct tube with the proper sheild when putting the intake system together.

infiniti g37 R2C intake airbox Step 3. Time to attach the intake tubes to the airboxes. Each tube has four 8mm bolts. When installing each bolt you will have the bolt, a lock washer, a washer, intake tube/airbox, washer, 8mm nut. I used a 1/4" ratchet, deep-well 8mm socket, and a 8mm wrench to tighten them down. It should be noted that the rubber seal at the top of the airbox will be in the way and need to be moved about in order to flush-install the pipe.

infiniti g37 R2C intake airbox mounting bracket Step 4. Install the two airbox mounting brackets as seen in the left image. Similar to the airbox setup you have the 10mm bolt, lock washer, and washer on one side and a washer and 10mm bolt on the other. I installed with the bolt sticking out from the airbox and finger-tightened the bolts.

infiniti g37 MAF sensor removal Step 5. Time to move the MAF from the factory intake airbox to the new R2C intake tubes. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THE MAF SENSOR and don't even touch the sensor itself. I made sure the MAF was installed on the proper side and facing the proper direction as seen via the image to the left (showing factory left airbox with R2C left intake tube and airbox). I simply removed one and moved it directly to it's new intake tube. The two screws that hold the MAF can be removed via phillips screwdriver or 7mm wrench/socket. I used a 1/4" ratchet with 7mm socket to break the screws loose and then used the screwdriver to remove them. Installation was in reverse order. Do both sides and don't over tighten.

infiniti g37 R2C filter install Step 6. Installation of the filter is a snap. Put a clamp on the filter flange and slide it over the inlet tube within the airbox. I used a 8mm nut driver with 8mm socket to tighten down the clamp instead of fumbling with a screwdriver as it's much easier. Make sure you spin the filter so the mesh screen, shown in the left image, is not showing.

infiniti g37 R2C filter install Step 7. In preparation for the installation I put the coupler and two clamps on the intake tube. The couplers are not that tight and the tube is easy to install so you could pre-install each coupler to the throttle body and simply put the second clamp on before installing the tube. Looking back at the installation "after the fact" I would have probably done just that. Regardless, I really had no issues with this portion of the install.

infiniti g37 R2C intake install instructions Step 8. Install the left (driver's side)
  • Red Arrow: Position the intake in place, and connect the crankcase pipe first. The pipe, where it attaches the engine block, can be slid off by appx 1/2" to allow more flexibility and length (while still allowing the clamp to hold the pipe on). Also, twist the pipe to the right some as a means to help line it up with the intake tube. Position the clamp so it is easy to access with the pliars and connect the pipe to the tube.
  • Blue Arrow: Connect the intake tube to the throttle body coupler
  • Yellow Arrow: loosely attach the factory 10mm bolt to the airbox
  • ** Tighten down the airbox bolt and screw clamps on the throttle body
  • Orange Arrow: Attach the MAF connector
  • Green Arrow: Attach the MAF cable to the airbox

infiniti g37 R2C intake install instructions Step 9. Install the right (passenger's side) the same was as the prior step. BUT, there is a difference.

R2C includes a new pipe and two screw clamps to replace the factory crankcase pipe. You can install this pipe OR you can use the factory pipe. I found that I could actually flip the factory pipe and it would fit the intake almost perfectly, I validated the pipe was not setup for 1-way air passage first. I flipped the pipe and used the factory clamps as seen via the iamge to the left.

infiniti g37 R2C intake install instructions Step 10. Tighten down and validate all connections. Reinstall the engine cover. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The author will not be held responsible nor held liable for any damages due to these instructions. Anyone following these directions are doing so at their own risk. This Documentation may not be distributed without the authors consent.


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