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infiniti G37 sway bar replacement Installation

Wheel Spacer Installation

Instructions cover all Infiniti models

The following are instructions to install wheel spacers. This process can be utilized for all vehicles. Be safe and use jack stands if at all possible.

It should be noted that not all spacers are the same. Some spacers are thin enough to utilize the factory studs while others include longer studs to be installed. Going with thin spacers (more like shims) is easy, but can cause a weak mount for the wheel while those with longer studs are safe but more difficult to install as they require removal of the braking system at a minimum. Another style spacer mounts to the factory studs and provides new mounting studs as part of the spacer, this is the style spacer utilized here.

Finally, make sure your spacers come with hubcentric centering rings as without them you will end up with vibrations while driving. These rings seat over the factory hub and are sized to the specifics of the wheels center hub.
infiniti g37 wheel spacer

Tools needed: Jack, Jack Stands (optional), ratchet, 12mm socket, 11/16th socket, factory lug nut removal tool (or similar), rubber mallot, wire brush, torque wrench (optional), screw driver

Infiniti G37 rear wheel spacer Step 1:
The spacer comes with the mounting nuts screwed on the studs. Remove these prior to installation. If the hub centric centering ring is a seperate piece then remove and set to the side.

infiniti g37 hub centric ring spacer
Step 2: Mount Centering Ring
Using the wire brush, clean rust and gunk off the hub. If your spacers come with separate centering rings install these now and use the mallot to ensure they are mounted completely. Using a tad WD40 or grease would not hurt.

infiniti g37 mount wheel spacer Step 3: Mount Rear Spacer
Mount the spacer over the studs and centering ring. You can use the mallot to gently tap it into place. Install the 5 nuts onto the factory studs utilizing a star pattern and tighten down to appx 90 ftlb torque.

Mount wheel and torque to specs

infiniti g37 mount wheel spacer Step 4: Front 12mm bolt
Before installing spacers on the front there is an additional step. As seen via the image to the left there is an additional 12mm bolt that is screwed into the rotor. Remove this and set it aside as it will not be used. Follow the steps above to install the centering ring and spacer.

Mount wheels and torque to specs

infiniti g37 mount Front wheel spacer Brace Rotors
As seen to the left I utilized a screwdriver to brace the rotors when tightening down the spacer onto the factory hub. As additional protection I used some spare cardboard.

Disclaimer: The author will not be held responsible nor held liable for any damages due to these instructions. Anyone following these directions are doing so at their own risk. This Documentation may not be distributed without the authors consent.


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