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infiniti G37 product review

Infiniti G37 Lower Engine Cover

Product works with all Infiniti G37 models

Do you wonder why it takes 20 minutes to get your oil changed at a 10-minute lube place? Have you tried to change your own oil? If yes to either question, the answer and the problem lies with the factory lower engine cover which does not have an access port for the oil filter, quite the time killer and simply annoying for the home mechanic. For others the problem could be a messed up lower cover or one that has simply blown off the car while going down the highway (probably from bolts being stripped by those oil change techs). Then again, maybe you are an enthusiast who has lowered your vehicle and will get the occasional scrape from, yes, the same cover.

Never fear, tollboothwilley (John) has a solution.

Infiniti G37 lower engine cover The tollboothwilley (TBW) Lower Engine cover is designed to fit the 2007+ Infiniti G35 and G37 sedans along with 2008+ Infiniti G37 coupes and convertibles. There are also TBW covers that fit the 2003 and higher Nissan 350z, and Infiniti G35. Per John the TBW cover is:

* Very Rigid - Much better protection over OEM
* Will not rust (ALUMINUM)
* 3 piece design prevents replacing the whole piece if you hit your bumper
* Larger Oil door - No more mess changing oil & NO NEED TO REMOVE
* Better airflow - no flexing like OEM, air travel is smoother and will help keep cooling at max efficiency
* No lower than the OEM skid plate - clears the Circuit Sport tie bar or GT Spec version - Also, should clear 1" oil pan spacer

I contacted John on NICOclub and requested a unit for the project G37. The remainder of this article is a review of the product and installation.

Tools needed for Installation: Car jack, jack stands, ratchet with 10mm socket, pliars.

Infiniti G37 Engine Cover Shipment The unit arrived in a nicely manipulated box to fit the cover. The covers are protected with plastic wrap and they are braced in the box with newspaper. Additionally, all mounting hardware is together in a zip lock bag. The product arrived with no harm.

Step 1. Safetly raise the vehicle. This can be done by using the factory scissor jack and raising one side but it's going to be frustrating with the lack of space. I suggest raising the car and usng jack stands as you will have plenty of room and don't have to worry about the vehicle falling.

infiniti g37 lower engine front tray cover removal Step 2. Remove the factory plastic cover. The cover is held in place with 10mm bolts as seen via the image to the left. In some circumstances the bolts will simply spin and not come out. This is usually caused by techs using a air tool on the bolts that go into clips instead of metal. I had a couple of bolts where I had to manipulate the lower panes and use the pliars to hold the clip in order to remove them. The blue arrows indicate three plastic mounting clips which are usually gone as mechanics can't seem to be bothered to replace them.

A picture of the factory cover installed on the car is here: Factory Cover Installed
A picture of the factory cover removed from the car is here: Factory Cover Removed

infiniti g37 lower tray Step 3. The TBW cover is delivered in three pieces: Front (with laser cut Infiniti logo), and rear with removable oil access panel. I started by installing the rear section first. The rear section has 4 bolts (one which also holds the oil access panel) in the rear, two on the side, and 3 plastic mounting clips in the front (which are used with the front section as well). Use at least one of the plastic mounting clips to hold the front and install the three non-oil access port 10mm bolts on the back of the panel. Install the oil access panel and bolt that down as well. John provides new screws for panel installation as part of the kit. As these screws are not painted black I chose to utilize the factory screws to reinstall the panels. Picture to the right shows the back panel and oil access panel installed.

Infiniti G37 coupe engine tray Step 4. To install the front cover you should first remove the plastic mounting clip(s) installed as part of step 3. Hold the in place with it overlapping the back cover. Install the 3 plastic mounting clips followed by the 8 bolts as shown via the image to the left.

infiniti g37 sedan engine under panel Final Review. The build quality and design is top notch. A lot of thought went into the design and layout of the unit for installation to be such a breeze and for it to not limit usability. For those who wish a better solution than the factory Infiniti configuration I highly recommend this product.

Disclaimer: The author will not be held responsible nor held liable for any damages due to these instructions. Anyone following these directions are doing so at their own risk. This Documentation may not be distributed without the authors consent.


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